Meh-key Mouse

So today back in 1928, “Steamboat Willie” began its way to being a hit cartoon.

Can’t recall exactly when it took hold firmly, but certainly by the ’60s the odd trend was that Mickey Mouse was ubiquitous in Disney World and at the same time mothballed. Mickey Mouse animations had stopped. A very few new creations leaked out over the decades but just recently is the most sustained effort in ages to create a fresh body of Mickey and Co. cartoons.

And there’s a birthday celebration that features them:

I haven’t seen all of them. But while they finally do point up some longstanding absurdities about the Disney characters (Mickey only wears shorts while Donald Duck only wears a shirt) (Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, but somehow Goofy is also a person), these are mildly amusing at best and the whole project has the predictable and tedious effect of simply making Mickey more like a Warner Bros character. Which is better than rendering him a suburban stiff, but still …

I’ll take “Steamboat Willie” — available at the link above — which is not like either Warner Bros. or the new Mickeys. (BTW: I think the apex of the pure Disney-Mickey type of cartoon happened a mere seven years later in the first Technicolor Mickey — “The Band Concert”.)

weird mickey 1

Weird Mickey 2

weird Mickey 3

Weird Mickey 4

weird mickey again

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