On “Rick and Morty”

Okay, I can now see why this cartoon is a hit. And obviously I’m not the target demographic, but it shows how reactions can be complicated. First, I never got into the Back to the Future flicks — sentimental and lightweight not helped by tame “craziness” — and while the third is supposed to be the best, somebody else will have to watch it for me. Fortunately “Rick and Morty” agrees and has more of a relationship to the source material like “Venture Bros.” has to “Johnny Quest”. Second, over the (too many) years, I’ve developed a stiff resistance to pop-culture refs as sources of satire and jokes. It’s the tiredest thing out there. But damned if this animation doesn’t goose the notion often enough to make me tolerate it one more time and even laff (fave: when Rick asks Morty for a DNA sample and the kid starts to undo his pants, Rick barks, “A hair, Morty, give me a hair! This ain’t Game of Thrones.”) And it looks like there’s a Cuthulu reference coming up in some episode. And it has sex bits that aren’t smarmy or sordid or merely sexist. So, party on … with reservations.

rick and morty

2 thoughts on “On “Rick and Morty”

  1. Back to the Future had the wince-making spectacle of Michael J. Fox teaching Chuck Berry his shit, and a last scene that was as Reaganite as any I can remember.

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