First, Last and Only Post About the Nuge

I honestly don’t believe Ted Nugent was always the evil shit he has become. But make no mistake, he has become an evil shit. I do believe his desperation to stay in the spotlight, any spotlight, makes Sarah Palin look like the pitiful amateur she is. I think it’s interesting that the first time I realized he might be a serious reactionary is when he got all vehement during an interview that he didn’t get high that often during the ’60s and early ’70s. At gunpoint — er, wait, let me just say under extreme duress, I would play the Amboy Dukes’ “Journey to the Center of the Mind” to prove to a curious greenhorn that, yep the Nuge was quite a sparkling guitarist from day one. But I’ll never play another tune released by him for the rest of my life — his shit has forever blotted out everything good about them. One track weirded me out even way back in Montana, comes right after the number I’ll be sorriest to never hear again:

In the early morning hours there’s a din in the air;
mayhem’s on the loose.
Stormtroopers comin’, and you better be prepared.
Got no time to choose.

Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.

Comin’ up that street, jackboots steppin’ high.
Got to make a stand.
Looking in your windows and listen to your phone.
Keep a gun in your hand.

Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
Get ready. Stormtroopres comin’ around.

Two hundred down, and it’s comin’ ’round again.
Got no second choice.
Where’s the justice and where’s that law.
Raise your healthy voice.

Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
We’ll be ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
Getting ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.

Just have to change that “We’ll” to “You” and it tells the truth, Nuge old man — you’ll be leading the jackbooters.

4 thoughts on “First, Last and Only Post About the Nuge

  1. Milo;judging from those flying cymbals from one speaker to another on that “Stranglehold” track
    his ’76 fans sure must have gotten there a lot.Just guessing.

  2. I feel I have to add that I immediately tune out rebuttals that start “yeah, his music was always garbage anyway.” Whatever the Nuge has become, he’s not Pat Boone.

    • Milo;another good thing in the U.S.; at least you don’t have to pay for daily stoners that can’t get out of their beds in the morning.Thought it to be his art market.

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