Sub-Top-10, 1st Quarter 2014

Everybody digs lists, right? This is quick and dirty and don’t hold me to it since some may rise and some may fall but every one will have a bawl.

Sheela Bringi, Incantations

Erik Friedlander, Nighthawks

Glenn Kotche, Adventureland

Lost in the Trees, Past Life

Melt Yourself Down, S/T (say, wasn’t that a James Chance number?)

Barry Morgan, Herbie Flowers, Shawn Lee, KPM Music Recorded Library: New York Trouble & Electric Progression

Mozes and the Firstborn. S/T

Roy Nathanson’s Sotto Voce, Complicated Day

Old 97’s, Most Messed Up

Mehmet Ali Salinkol, Whatsnext

Various, This Is the Town, a Tribute to Nilsson Volume 1

The Westerlies, Wish the Children Would  Come on Home: The Music of Wayne Horvitz

Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski, Gathering Call

Woo, When the Past Arrives

3 thoughts on “Sub-Top-10, 1st Quarter 2014

  1. I’ve been enjoying Sotto Voce too, though nobody’s written about it that I can see. The Nilsson covers project interests me, but I can’t listen to it (or anything else right now) since my ears are in remission from the Wussy concert at Webster Hall last night. Thanks as always for the tips Milo.

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