2014 Second-Quarter Lists #2 — Oldies

I’m gonna be accused of dribbling these lists out, but I’d rather get them enumerated and then add comments when I’m sure of what I think (for now).

First, a special shout-out to the three Moochin’ About boxes of jazz soundtracks. Back in miserable March when I touted A Bout de Souffle, Roger Carter mentioned the series and I was intrigued. I picked up the first volume, Film Noir, during the record scrounge with Francis Davis in New York and immediately had to order the rest. You can read all the scoop on the sets at their website. Very classy job all around. Well annotated. An obvious choice for jazz and film buffs.

The Oldies:

1. Ornette Coleman Quartet, The 1987 Hamburg Concert (Domino, 2011)

2. Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio, Thwirl (Sunnyside, 2013)

3. Culture Music Club, Shime! (World Village, 2008) … and its offshoot group …

4. Rajab Suleiman & Kithara, Chungu (Buda, 2013)

5. Ecodeck, Voices Have Eyes (White Swan, 2006) ((picked this up when I found the latest by this one-man electronica played-out and drab))

6. Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, White Lighter (Wrong Reasons, 2010)

7. Davy Graham, Folk, Blues & Beyond … (Topic, 1999) ((this was an intense re-discovery, pulled from the storage stacks))

8. Los Shakers, La Conferencia Secreta del Toto’s Bar (EMI, 2007)

9. Horace Silver, Seven Classic Albums (Real Gone Jazz, 2012)

10. Geni Skendo, Acoustic Cowboy (Geni Skendo, 2012)

11. Various, The Kings of Drum + Bass (Compiled & Mixed by 4HERO + DJ Marky) (BBE, 2010)

12. XTC, Skylarking (Ape, 2013) Hear it again, for the first time.



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