The 10 Most Disappointing Developments in My Lifetime: Another Footnote

Amen to all of this. I’ve noted that the insanity of the Money = Speech Supreme Court decision came at a time when I was very distracted from politics. But overturning of the Fairness Doctrine horrified me and I was certain there would be howls of outrage, protests, whatever, until it was put back in place. Instead, the broad public response amounted to: oh, okay, whatever. People, we just legalized propaganda! Letting those with the most money and power buy the discussion! Like way, way too many regulations that have been removed in my lifetime, the Fairness Doctrine’s benefits had become invisible, as though they were a force of nature. No longer would the message be that good citizens are required to hear and think about both sides of issues, that some facts are debatable and some are not.

Vote for me because we can’t have that monster running things has never stopped a single monster in human history. Not one.

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