I’m Bummed with “Wait But Why”

Because he starts a post that’s at least more interesting than his invention of Buddhism in his back yard with this nonsense:

“I’ve never been especially impressed by words. They’re mushy and sometimes pleasant and sometimes annoying. They’re subtle and subjective and rambly and flowy. Words are okay. Whatever.

But numbers. Numbers are fascinating and precise and satisfying and delicious”

Which reveals that unfortunately he’s rilly involved with what Freud characterized as the end of the digestive system. Which is more sad because he’s not bad with words. (Having skills with words and language and writing does not mean you understand or appreciate them at all. Funny business.)

C’mon, whys-guy — words are essential for communication. You try putting this post out there without words and see how many understand it. Becomes a cypher. May be cracked by number mavens, but without words, they will only be able to show other number mavens what it meant. People invented words before numbers for a reason. I readily admit that writing may have been invented to keep track of numbers. But writing has become a way of keeping life from being more than numbers.

A serious nerd-downgrade of something I liked.

I mean: super-tight and grinding and grinding it out and hammering and hammering will lead to glory is more essential to this guy than I appreciated at first. But that is the sort of person who will nail procrastination to the wall. And, to be a little cruel, a person whose love life has been invisible. There are wastes of time that are not wastes of time.

One thought on “I’m Bummed with “Wait But Why”

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