More Meetings With Remarkable Men: Eddie Gorodetsky

His Xmas compilation is one of the finest, most varied, witty and well-programmed ever — I play it far more often than the Spector, for instance. Here’s the scoop on a superb writer (not just comedy) and music nut of the first water.

When I first moved to Cambridge, Eddie and I happened to (a) both live on Pearl Street off of (then-seedy) Central Square (b) both work for the same (eternally seedy) record store, Music Center (though not quite at the same time). I went up to Eddie’s pad about twice. (I’m actually kinda shy on a lotta levels — I should have worked harder to get to know him better.) I immediately knew he was the kind of music collector I wanted to become in the big city: he had to have numerous record-store bins to hold his vast stash of vinyl. I was embarrassed because my music knowledge was so far behind his — I’m certain he knew every number I had ever heard and I didn’t recognize a single wonderful thing he would slap on the turntable.

Anyway, the article shows he’s got a lot of wisdom about tunz. And frankly, I’m heartened that he has embraced downloads. By Yod, he’s still showing me the way.

(The only sad note is that a good chunk of my collection of eccentric LP covers got ruined in a flood this spring, and Eddie got me interested in them with his ace selection way back in the day.) ((This is the oldest site I know that compiles wacky LP covers.))

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