R.I.P.: Edgar Froese

Spent the day battling an assault of adware (timed perfectly with the blizzard, ya dicks) so a bit late with this. Probably okay because I am not a Froese-era Tangerine Dream fan. Even the one closest to something I like, Phaedra, sounds too New Age-y and pandering compared to Kraftwerke and all sorts of other German eletronica, not just Neu! but the work of Klaus Schultz (early stuff only, please) and Conrad Schnitzler (very earliest only, please).

But waitaminute!

Froese, Schultz and Schnitzler created the (criminally little-known) first Tangerine Dream album, Electronic Meditation (1970), which also features the coolest cover art of the T. Dream catalog. Needless to say, doesn’t sound anything like Froese-headman iterations of the outfit. Descriptions included with the Wiki article do a plenty fine job. The Tangerine Dream album for people who don’t like Tangerine Dream albums. Recommended.


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