4 thoughts on “Miles Behind #6 — Robert Pete Williams

  1. Hi Milo,  I don’t know if you got my message on Sunday, but I’ve attached a newspaper article from the “Borrowed Times” out of Missoula.  I’ve been researching bands from Montana from the 1960s and after Steve Garr died, his daughters let me look for memorabilia and other relevant items.  He had a band called Initial Shock that will be on a compilation that I’m putting out with some friends in the next couple of months.  Anyhow, I came across this article and kind of forgot about it, until a fellow named Milo Carbis got in touch with me regarding a Missoula band called “Wayne Silversonic and the Cranus Tones.”  I thought he might be the same Miles from the Blind Boy Bug article, but he was not.  

    Anyhow,  I’d be very interested in talking with you about the Missoula music scene if you ever have time.   Sincerely, Dave Martens406*390*1238 Here is a link to my Montana band facebook page if you’re interested Long Time Comin’ – Lost sounds from the Treasure State 

    |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Long Time Comin’ – Lost sounds from the Treasure StateThe mission of Lost Sounds Montana is, “to preserve, archive, showcase and make accessible the… | | | | View on http://www.facebook.com | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

    • Dave Martens: I did respond to your Sunday comment. As I said there, I don’t think that piece is going to be in the front room of the front hall of journalism I’ve done. And, on top of that, I’m not much of a source about Missoula bands from that period. I mean, I’ve never heard of Initial Shock or Wayne Silversonic and the Cranus Tones.

      And, for the record, I’m not on Facebook and not gonna be.

      • Milo: I am sorry that I didn’t catch your original response until today. I didn’t realize in the above post that I was commenting on your blog, or I wouldn’t have put all of my contact info. out there. I do have the Snake River Outlaws disc (it’s great) and am familiar with Just Ducky, but haven’t heard any of their music, but I do know that a tape exists. How did you know about Just Ducky if you’d already left Missoula by the time they started playing?

  2. Steve Albini leader the major punk band Big Black was also the force behind Just Ducky. He’s the one to talk to about the Missoula music scene from back then. But he’s weird about the Montana roots — used to claim his Montana band was centered around Bozeman. (I believe his Dad taught at U of M.)

    But maybe he’s mellowed:

    Also, he’s got a helluva Wikipedia page:

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