1st Quarter 2015: Jazz

Two vocalist, 10 instrumental.

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Roadsides (Arogole, 2014)

“Israeli, Canada-based vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb attempts in her fourth solo album to portray a possible peaceful vision of the Middle-East through a wise arrangement of Israeli and Palestinian poetry. These poems, all sung in Hebrew (and all translated to English) suggest that behind the conflict, contrasting historical, political and even cultural narratives live people who share like-minded passions, dreams and loves, often in relation to the same shared natural scenery. Gottlieb composed these poems over a long time, few were work-in-progress in her repertoire for 15 years …” EYAL HAREUVENI, All About Jazz.

This came to me very, very late as a promo and it is indeed elusive and quicksilver in style changes, but does come down as world-jazz to my ear. And her voice carries you past words you don’t understand.

Cassandra Wilson, Coming Forth by Day (Sony Legacy)

I predict this will be one of the overlooked/underrated albums of the year due to sheer exhaustion with the Billie Holiday centennial hooplah. But it would be a fascinating meditation on the singer no matter when it appeared.

1. Jack DeJohnette, Made in Chicago (ECM)

Windy City Wild Bunch keep the faith.

2. Drkwav, The Purge (Royal Potato Family)

John Medeski returns to the weird.

3. Aaron Goldberg, The Now (Sunnyside)

4. Milford Graves & Bill Laswell, Space/Time*Redemption (TUM)

5. Hypercolor, S/T (Tzadik)

6. Mikko Innanen with William Parker and Andrew Cyrille, Song for a New Decade (TUM)

7. Vijay Iyer Trio, Break Stuff (ECM)

As invigorating live as I hoped it would be.

8. Rudresh Mahanthappa, Bird Calls (ACT)

Additions and innovations grow on you.

9. Charles McPherson, The Journey (Capri)

10. Wolff & Clark Expedition, Expedition 2 (Fully Alerted)

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