The TV Cartoon with the Weirdest Karma

Offbeat things turn up at the very end of summer. Strange insects you didn’t know existed. Strange clothes you didn’t know existed. And in a classic hot-weather wacky coincidence, over the last couple days I’ve run across enough funny-peculiar and funny-haha bits of information to conclude there’s a famous TV cartoon series that has weirder karma than any other:


Both of you who don’t know the scoop on the show can get informed right here.

The two bizarro bits of information I learned are (1) the famously self-destroyed author John O’Brien, who wrote Leaving Las Vegas about a successful Hollywood script-writer drinking himself to death, main claim to script-writing fame is that he wrote the “Toys in the Attic” episode of the show:


(2) the animators were louche enough to put together an obscene storyboard, only one panel of which survives.

These were on top of a lotta oddball stuff that was right out front in the show proper.

Jessica Booth’s blog has a list of peculiar facts. And another list of freaky, disturbing episodes.

And then BuzzFeed expands on that.

Finally, there’s the reliable list of frankly adult references in the episodes.

PS: The Prime Suspect — Gabor Csupo is one weeeeird dude. Moments in the show did remind me of dark, Eastern European horror-fairy-tales.

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