That’s It — 2015 Is the Year of the Tardigrade

First, I mentioned them back in the day.

Now, here they come again, stars of an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

And I get to post a second set of zany images!

Tardigrade II 1

tardigrade II 3

Tardigrade II 4

Tardigrade II 5

PS: The big point behind this, which I have no idea will ever be resolved, is that water content, which is so essential to life, can be all but removed and give an incredible durability to the organic kernel that remains. It’s not like water bears live for centuries, it’s that their tuns are so invincible. This is an intensity provocative idea.

However, it must be noted that the “life seed” notion — life on earth came from outer-space seeds — relies on tuns lasting for hundreds of thousands of years. Let’s settle for figuring out what it means that they can last for centuries.

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