Joe Strummer: Missing Master on the Page

Re-reading my obit of Joe Strummer from 2002, I was jolted by how much more strongly I felt about one of my concluding lines: “Perhaps the most acute loss with Strummer’s passing is that he never got the chance to write his own Story of the Clash. With some grace from the gods, he had the skills to run with it.”

Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One was two years in the future and considering that and the unexpected rock-author flowering since then I say the gods have granted their grace. It’s flat-out tragedy one of the most able chroniclers is not here to participate — particularly since I believe Strummer could have outlined and explained the history and interaction of protest politics and rock ‘n’ roll better than any other performer.

Strummer 1

Strummer 4

Strummer 3

Strummer 2

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