Novelty (Non-Tarot) Card Decks in My Collection

In no particular order:
Joost Swarte, “Krolse Katten Kaarten” (face cards are his cat-humans in various sex positions)
“VICTORIAN Advertising Poster Playing Cards”
The Lucky Stack: A Casino Quality Poker Deck Featuring Paintings by Tim Biskup
Iran-Contra SCANDAL Trading Cards (Featuring The Secret Team)
Naipe Doble Matiz (strange playing deck from Mexico that seems to be a regular deck – no Major Arcana – that uses Tarot symbols for the regular cards – wands, cups, swords, clubs)
Jim Woodring, “FRANK: Dramatis Personae”
“Capitol” (one of my favorite freebies – an Xmas promo from Capitol that features one of their artists for each card. Beatles are Four of Hearts, natch.)
The Original Hero Decks Present: Black America
El Coqui: Puerto Rico Playing Cards
Tim Burton’s Playing Cards
Greg Palast & Robert Grossman, The Joker’s Wild: Dubya’s Trick Deck
TWIN PEAKS Collectible Card Art
The Comic Art Tribute to Joe Simon & Jack Kirby
DINOSAUR NATION: Seventy Years of Saurian Cinema
FRIENDLY DICTATORS Trading Cards: Featuring 36 of America’s Most Embarrassing Allies
GOON SQUAD: The Art of Charles Burns
BUSH LEAGUE Trading Cards (this is Bush Sr., and the artist is Salim Yaqub, which would certainly cause more of a stir nowadays)
Heroes of the Blues
R. Crumb Trading Cards
Les As Du Musette
FIRST WORLD WAR Poster Playing Cards
Hollywood Characters (from Kitchen Sink, with a stellar lineup of their artists doing portraits)
Annie Sprinkle’s Post-Modern Pin-Ups (“These drag kings, sex queens and erotic aces promise to heat up your next strip-poker game!”)

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