“Daria” Fans — Come on DOWN! (Or Not)

I was a mild “Beavis and Butt-Head” fan at best — and this was at a time when they didn’t seem like potential candidates for President of the US. So I can remember only a couple glimpses of Daria Morgendorfer as welcome female dissent from the foundations of their “ironic” idiocy.

I was scrambling enough as a music freelancer in the late ’90s that my animation attention suffered and I only dabbled in “Daria,” much as I enjoyed what I saw. Well, the twilight eternity is upon us, or me anyway, and I now have a moment to catch up. So until I get bored, an episode or two of Daria: The Complete Animated Series every day.

Couple issues. This comes with only a whisper or two of the original music that aired with the show on MTV. This is too bad. But mostly because, considering the current commercial debasement of pop tunes, there seems no sane reason not to give away the original song clips. As has been pointed out, they usually weren’t linked to the story lines in any direct way, anyhow.

But they might have pepped things up, since the second snag is that the animation budget of “Daria” makes “South Park” look like Walt Disney. This monotony can discourage extensive catch-up watching, but we will see if writing and voices can carry the sick, sad world on its shoulders.


(At least I can suss how to insert pix.)

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