The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #12

I still feel exactly what I posted a year ago:

I consider December 30 the saddest day of them all. The year and everything about it are exhausted. Nobody parties except people that are going to be on a plane all day tomorrow. And it’s still an icebox, most of the time. So here’s what I hope’s a dab of cheer.

Sonny Rollins Quartet with Don Cherry, Complete Live at the Village Gate 1962 (Solar, 2015)

Didn’t know where to put this on the Jazz lists — not a brand new album since a small chunk of it came out as Our Man in Jazz but certainly not any kind of reissue, either. (But most of all I heard it late.)

Personnel is Rollins, Cherry, Bob Cranshaw on bass, Billy Higgins on drums.

Listening to extended conversations from these guys can and does whap away the Dec. 30 blues. Especially now that much more extended blowing from Rollins is the norm, the idea of him embracing “free” is not so controversial and how earthy all this foursome’s voices sound. (Showing how much has changed has to be the only reason to include Pete Welding’s off-base original Down Beat review … “labyrinthine purposelessness” my swamp hole.) I can imagine damned few other performers I would rather listen to as they start blowing and beating without any plan and see what happens for 20-30 minutes. Yeah.

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