Alex Ross Nails the Horror of “Star Wars”

As I’ve mentioned before, this was kinda the fear hovering around the first installment:

Now, as “Star Wars” fever grips the nation once again, the nostalgias are being compounded. If, back in 1977, you had told me and my fellow-nine-year-olds that thirty-eight years hence we would be standing in line for another “Star Wars,” some of us accompanying children that age or older, we would have been baffled, and perhaps a little scared. We might have said, Won’t the future give us something new?

The finale of this review.

It’s bad enough to be young and discover that for the first time you can remember, throwback culture is going to be embraced as adventurous. (Without aptly wondrous transformations, yet.) To be young now and told that the only tomorrow is yesterday — unbearable.

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