Well Done Tribute to Jim Crumley

That I just now happened to run across.

I knew half+ the people in that photo (New Year’s resolution #whatever: read more Chuck Kinder). Crumley only slightly — I will say that, to me, he always obeyed his own life lesson. I have heard acres of otherwise to others.

I see that Max Crawford is gone, too. Decades ago — and it didn’t ultimately matter a lick one way or the other — I wrote an honest, negative review of his novel Waltz Across Texas. I was young and sub-professional enough to imagine acquaintances would appreciate honesty in print from each other. I heard he cursed me out plenty and I believe never spoke to me again.

On this New Year’s Day, to his ghost I must say: Max, I haven’t changed my mind, but I was stupid to agree to do the review. I apologize.

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