I Must Have Watched the Antimatter “American Idol”

… ’cause I sure don’t recognize this one. Big tent? Broad taste? Counter to the music business?

All I saw was a throwback to 1961, with an underscore of pre-rock showbiz style. (I will say what few hints I managed to chance across indicate that the tail end of the show’s run was less BS than the prime years.) Brassy, blow-’em-out singers no matter what the ostensible style. Winners who became “Big Stars” that didn’t amount to a hill of hula-hoops.

It’s to be expected. The old-time Talent Shows rarely discovered even secondary performers with staying power. The surprises come from where everybody’s not looking. I intend to check out “The Breaks,” since it takes about 30 years for the underground to get packaged properly. As pop-culture history, not talent show.

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