Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #26

First LPs played since the entire collection is under one roof in 15 years.

David Bowie, Lodger (RCA)

Conclusion: Boy, I played this album to death. But RCA was pressing quite shitty vinyl by this time. No wonder I found only two LP Bowies (the other was The Man Who Sold the World with the now-rare cartoon cover).

Kraftwerk, Autobahn (Vertigo)

Conclusion: Celebrated and then revered as a fine pressing, this LP is more than 40 years old now (yeah, I bought it when it was a new thing). You can crank it up to 11 and it simply gets more impressive. Sound adventure. (This new Grado needle does wonders at downplaying scratches. Wonders.)

Prince,  Sign “☮” the Times  (Paisley Park)

Conclusion: Please, please live a long life. I couldn’t endure a world without the potential for new Prince music.

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