A Curious Incident (from Long Ago)

[I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before. Wanted to get it on the public record somehow.]

I was working the cash register at the Cafe in the Park Hotel in Livingston. I couldn’t have been more than 12 years old. (I was used only during slow hours.)

A guy I had never seen before and would never see again, in his 30s I would guess now, paid his small check and suddenly blurted:

“You know what’s the biggest problem of your entire life you will never hear about? That insurance companies are miserably unregulated and out of control. They run everything behind the scenes.” I swear that’s close to what he said. Then he walked away.

Even then I thought, “I’m hardly more than a kid — why is he telling me this real adult stuff?” I’ve since concluded that he thought the sheer uniqueness of the event would make me remember it.

He was right.

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