History of the Lorraine Motel

Very nicely done. Many fine music tidbits.

When we were in Memphis a couple years ago, visited the National Civil Rights Museum, which was wonderfully laid out, comprehensive, beyond informative and immersive, inspirational, harrowing and a place every American should visit if at all possible.

There was one aspect that troubled me deeply, and I have no real solution for it. MLK’s assassin, who should be no more than the smallest shitspot unnoticed in a way-back alley of history, is instead forever welded to King. The bathroom he shot from. The rifle and bullets he used. Erasing that part of the story would be profoundly dishonest, even disrespectful to King’s memory. But there’s no question it offers inspiration to fame-hungry monsters.

One thought on “History of the Lorraine Motel

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