Getting the Slick Out of “Grease”

I did not watch the live-on-TV version of “Grease” last night (always found the material beyond “meh”). But this review among others reminded me of something I had forgotten for many, many years.

“Hey, stupid, you’ve never heard the pre-whitewashed version of this musical. You used to be aware that the movie really watered down the original presentation. That it was a satire of too-cozy ’70s nostalgia for the ’50s.”

Yes, that remains something I need to know about. So I’ve ordered a cheapo copy and again we will see, or rather, hear.


PS: It astonished me how hard it was to find any extended direct commentary on the original production of “Grease”. No wonder it’s all but forgotten. Here’s the best I could track down.

One thought on “Getting the Slick Out of “Grease”

  1. Reading this Milopost I go oh damn I wish I’d recorded this (DVD recorder, not DVR), maybe to actually watch some day. Looking it up I see it’s the 7-9 FOX Sunday I automatically record every week, when I can remember to insert a blank disc after CBS Sunday Morning which I also automatically record (but forgot to insert blank disc that morning), having (automatically) recorded SNL the night before.
    It’s nice to know I have something a bit different from the regular Fox Sunday 7-9 fare. I never watched the original either but I think I’ve heard a couple pretty good songs from the soundtrack.

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