Groundhog Day (I Promise This Won’t Repeat)

Good review by Stanley Kauffmann. Although I do have some additional contrasting comments.

Murray and Ramis of course were seasoned by Ghostbusters in the advantages of all-out don’t-explain fantasy, though admittedly GDay is a more original invention. I used to gripe that the hook-up with MacDowell would never work in the long run because Phil Connors was probably, like, hundreds of years old and would have freakish, unbearable reactions and perceptions. Until I realized that was as petty and lumpy as insisting that people don’t really change and that before you know it he would revert to champion assholery. So you just don’t go there — it’s a pointless killjoy.

Another dangerous place to visit is casting choices — about as subjective as reactions to singing voices. I do think Kauffmann is objectively wrong about Murray: GDay was an early signal he was only starting to hit his full stride as an actor. And, I’m sorry, but Audie MacDowell is the only flaw in the film. Yes, “she gleams—a bit, anyway,” but you want the character to be a lot more alluring, you want to fall for her yourself more. I mean, what’s with all the nonstop tone of relentless professionalism?

Still she’s plenty fine and it remains a movie I’m glad came out in my lifetime — a truly fresh idea on screen.

One thought on “Groundhog Day (I Promise This Won’t Repeat)

  1. Recommend the underrated the Bill Murray comedy crime caper film A Quick Change which has a sterling support cast of Jason Robards, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid and Tony Shalhoub.

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