America Less Exceptional Than Ever

From the NY Times:

Justice Scalia, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 to fill an associate justice seat when William Rehnquist was elevated to chief justice, was more than any other conservative justice responsible for bringing ideology to the foreground in the court’s deliberations and, sometimes, its decisions. The conservative justices who preceded him, including Justice Rehnquist, and who followed him, like Anthony Kennedy, were not ideological animals in the same sense as Justice Scalia.

There is a word in that passage I would like to underscore and I don’t think I even have to point out which one.

And the current hoots and caterwauls coming from the reactionary totalitarians are among the most depressing of my lifetime. If the freakin’ Supreme Court is now that baldly politicized (a trend that should have been even more obvious than it was when there was no penalty for blatant lying during confirmation hearings), this is no longer a country of laws.

Oh well, I place my hope for the future in my children.

“You don’t have any children!”

[Touches index finger to tip of nose.]

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