The Conundrum of Cuba

Various invitations to visit the place now cross the desk. So I wonder — will a trip to Cuba be part of expanding freedom there or a step toward re-making it a Capitalist Theme Park hellhole like it was before the revolution? Genuinely don’t know.

3 thoughts on “The Conundrum of Cuba

  1. Sadly I think it will be the theme park/hellhole route. What might appear to be expanding freedom will be a fringe benefit over the short term, but casinos and rum drinks will have their revenge. Load up on cigars now before they go bad….

  2. The last cigar I will ever smoke (about 30 years ago) was smuggled in from Cuba. Exquisite taste. Only cigars that didn’t smell like a burning turd if you were not smoking them. Like comparing fine wine to a warm Bud.

    I was quite glad to end my cigar life (very intermittent that it was) on such a high note.

    • Oops, I have just been reminded that the Cuban cigar was a PRE-Revolutionary stogie that had been keep with a hefty batch of others, hermetically sealed, in a vault in NYC, for decades. Utterly fresh.

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