The Terror of Stagnation

Every since the internet commerce I worked for in the ’90s went bust, I’ve worried about this trend. More and more. The happy prospect was the hundred flowers blooming, there would be more leisure time and everybody would be able to be compensated more for less hours on the job.

Didn’t happen. The bare-bones workforce became the norm, those not needed were castoffs and because only a mega few bloomed, they became something less than yahoo-wahoo places to work (see: Amazon).

Of course, we could/should strive to be a bit more like Mr. Money Mustache, but there are limits and the problem of inequality is liable to scream louder and louder in the have-not ears over time.  And you can’t just ignore existential angst, either.

Finally, two nervous voices float through my head. One was unspoken as I was growing up, learning the meager amount one could glean about prosperity and American economy: “Uh, we’re not gonna say anything, but things have to keep expanding, going up and up, more or less forever, if we are going to sail along smooth like this. Forever. Heheh. But it will, don’t be scared kid, it will it will.” The other comes from startups and spokespeople for innovator companies who have let increasing panic slip into their tone. “The expansion, the going up and up, will really kick in, any day now. Don’t be scared, gramps, it has to it has to.”


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