The Hard Truth About Stan Lee

He’s a relic. And something of a fraud.

A while back I mentioned my disillusionment with Marvel. My biggest sympathy toward Stan Lee is that he wanted and wants to create comic books that reflect ideals and optimism. He’s never as hateful as the current ugly and sadistic stuff.

3 thoughts on “The Hard Truth About Stan Lee

  1. Not all of the current Marvel stuff is ugly and sadistic. Did you ever read Keiron Gillen’s & Al Ewing’s Loki work? Together I thought they formed a terrific story, making a rather routine villain into a much more compelling character. If you ever choose to read it, you might start with Gillen’s Thor work, which lays the groundwork. Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four work was pretty solid, with some of that old sci-fi hopefulness popping up in the series. Most Marvel comics are mediocre or worse, but I guess that’s true of most pop music, too.

  2. I did not say all current Marvels were ugly and sadistic. I said there were ugly and sadistic comics out there, and have been out there for a very long time. Here’s a good piece on the history of “revisionist” superheros (though I agree with the first comment below the entry that he’s too generous to Frank Miller, who’s just gone further and further down the same path):

    I haven’t followed mainstream comics much in 25 years. Something just changed in me. I have no interest in re-reading the obviously outstanding Marvel titles I treasured in my teen years.

  3. Thanks for the link. Good article, and I agree with you on Miller. (And that first comment could be talking about Trump!) I quit reading comics for a long time (more than 20 years), but got drawn in again in the mid ’00s with the newer superhero flicks. Lots of redundant, mediocre stuff, but I have found nuggets to treasure. Marvel does its share of grim and gritty, but found DC to be worse at doing that. I consider the realization I had decades ago that dark does not equal deep a key moment of personal maturation. And boy does Batman v Supes look bad to me. But it’s Zack Snyder, so what do you expect.

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