What?! He’s Still Dicking With 2015 Lists? Or: Three Perfect Pairs

Yas, as I’ve indicated, doing Year-Ends is at least partly a matter of organizing and housecleaning, which I have to do to make way for the new stuff which will come more and more frequently. And I especially want to get in non-standard groupings, like:

Three Perfect Pairs:

Two Albums With Outstanding Single Tracks Sunk in a Morass of Meh

Aqueduct, Wild Knights (self-released)

Thayer Sarrano, Shaky (Guildwater Group)

The first is from always-uneven-but-enjoyable vets who returned outta nowhere and promised to be new and improved with the first track, “The Petrified Forest,” which blows away your resistance with a refrain about “run through the jungle with a bag on my head.” I now call this the “John Fogerty Meets Antonin Scalia tune.” Then … nothing.

Thayer Sarrano shows she may know what’s up because the winner from her release is the title track, which gets at the fuzzed-out sensuality implied by much of the rest of the album (maybe it’s hormones, er, her moans).

Two Superb Offbeats Who Got Almost No Notice

Axel Krygier, Hombre de Piedra (Crammed Discs).

Although this clump Milo Miles did manage to review it.

The Harrow, Silhouettes (aufnahme + wiedergabe).

Here’s a decent review where you can check out a couple numbers.

The words sound like the usual ethereal hoosh, but the off-kilter moods sustain all the way through. Just enough strange.

The Two Most Lovely, Sad, Touching Surprises I Found Last Year

Neither of which came out last year.

Nelson Angelo e Joyce (Discos Mariposa, 2006)

Which I discussed here.

Introducing the Bus Driver Tour (self-released, 2013)

Which I talked about here.

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