Savora — The True Secret Sauce

My newly-acquired nutritionist correctly determined that I was messing up by not having any kind of breakfast. She suggested: small, heavy on protein. So for weeks now, almost every morning, I have a hard-boiled egg (prepared in advance) mashed with a fork into a couple-three teaspoons of SAVORA. (A number of retailers can be found online.) This is sometimes described as the French yellow mustard, but it is much more complex and delicious than that. It makes the eggs — which I dislike by themselves — into a wonderfully filling and tasty nosh that’s a bit different every time, as though the sauce could find and enhance the nuance of each egg. No kidding. I recommend grabbing a jar and explore on your own. It can be a bit overwhelming for some things, but remains my seasoning discovery of the year.

One thought on “Savora — The True Secret Sauce

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