Alternatives to Downloads for Today

“When all new music is only downloads will be the day I stop writing about new music.”

I said that several years ago and I still mean it. Downloads, with cover art and recording information floating around somewhere, mean almost nothing to me. If that’s the end of my keeping current, so be it. Happens alla time. There’s already so much stuff in the vault to go over and re-savor that I will never lack for subject matter.

Why just today I discovered two hoots I had not heard before on a collection called The Songs of Pomus & Shuman: 75 Original Classics (which is uneven and a bit limited — they have about a half-dozen rhythm ‘n’ melody combinations they keep going back to over and over, but still much fun and explores that post-Elvis/pre-Beatles era that’s still overlooked).

The first is “Sun Glasses” by the Shades (who?), which means that finally, at long last, I can have a flipside for the perfect Man With No Eyes 45, which begins on Side A with Dwight Pullen’s “Sunglasses After Dark” (indeed, this sounds like a response/copycat song to me):


The second item is “Stampede” by Danny Valentine (who?), one of those weirdly creepy oldies that has a yuck-yuck-yuck party atmosphere but that lays out horrendous events. I mean, the guy goes out with his bodacious girlfriend and she’s flat abducted by a gang of hoods and then a bunch of hot rodders. At least the final stampede is her family charging toward the boyfriend, probably for letting their daughter be kidnapped! Enjoy.



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