Trump the Walking Turd

For years I rolled my eyes, changed the channel, walked past the book rack and generally thought of Donald Trump as a particularly over-inflated type of Noo Yawk gasbag – ego has to get the biggest stage possible, ruder even than Massholes, claims international stature but wallows in rich-glob ignorance. Then he spewed his shit about the Central Park Five. After that, I hated the fucking racist.

For more than 30 years, in addition to innumerable odd stares, this is the type of questions my wife and I have gotten from goddamned strangers (my wife Donna is Chinese):

“What’s it like being part of an interracial couple?”

“How did you two get together, really?”

“How do you deal with her family?”

“Hey buddy, why are you picking up her packages?”

And one we still hear on a regular basis —

“Are you two together?”

And with every day I became more convinced that racial bigotry had no place in the America I was promised. To turn that back now at the highest office in the land … there aren’t consequences severe enough.

13 thoughts on “Trump the Walking Turd

  1. Well said Milo. I agree 100% with your comments that there is no place in the political landscape for a wild eyed demagogue who will stop at nothing to spout out his obnoxious and vile rhetoric. Trump’s comments on the Central Park Five put everything into context and why he obviously cannot abide that an African American holds the highest office in the land. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and cannot believe how racial bigotry is still so ingrained not only in American life but also in Britain where I am from. The migrant crisis in Europe is being exploited by right wing groups and is offered as a reason to leave the European Union (EU) in the upcoming referendum to leave or stay in the EU. I put my faith in the American electorate that they will not succumb to such a crazed racist.

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