R.I.P.: John Morthland

His wonderful, classic book on country music improved and enriched my relation to that whole genre of music, forever. More recently, I got a huge kick out of his expertly done survey of Texas musicians. But above and beyond all that, everything I read by him, starting with the earliest issues of Rolling Stone that I can remember, affirmed that it was plenty possible to be a good-hearted person and write with passion about pop. Here’s a fine interview. And here’s a link to some of his more recent work. Jerry Lee is certainly a spiffy one to to go out on.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P.: John Morthland

  1. That’s sad news. “The Best of Country of Music” is one of my favourite music books. Thank you for pointing to his recent writing and that Texas Music book. I will definitely check them out.

  2. Only met him once. We were on a panel together at a CMJ Music Marathon in, I think, 1984 or ’85. Can’t even remember what the topic of discussion was. Only thing I recall is that Mark Moses was also on the panel. I suppose soon enough we’ll all be ghosts.

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