What a Downbeat, Beat-Down Week

Charlie nails it as usual.

But I think the derangement has been building my entire adult life, sadly.

“Why don’t these ungrateful wretches realize we’re shooting them to save them from Gawdless Communism?!?!” Actually dealing with Viet Nam would have meant admitting the US cannot just hammer on a whole country until it obeys whatever we say. Nope. Never dealt with it. Dumbed-down the whole legacy until it became “we gotta hammer smarter, longer, tougher.”

And almost at the same time came this “money=speech” nonsense from the top court. And I mean it — at the time it was considered such an obvious aberration, such a blatant screw-up of judgement, that it would be overturned in a trice. Nope. Never happened.

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