Frut of Detroit’s Labor

I am interested and amused to discover John Morthland was an advocate of Frut.

Yes, I have both the LPs. Quite a quest to find them. But I do have to say, you must have some Detroit sensibility to hear how good they are. Let’s turn the microphone over to Dave Marsh:

“To understand and truly appreciate the Frut” he wrote in a 1971 article, “as with any highly localized phenomenon, you’ve got to understand the nature of the region from which they come–Detroit and Ann Arbor and their environs.” Having grown up there, Marsh insisted, “It’s all filthy. I grew up as far from Detroit (though due north) as the Frut, and the foundry grit on the windowsills is my earliest memory. That foundry dust, vile as it is, eats away at not only aluminum siding and automobile finishes but also at the very heart of those who must live in it.”

4 thoughts on “Frut of Detroit’s Labor

  1. I can attest to how diffucult it was to locate a copy of Keep on Truckin’ even in NYC. In fact the prolonged search most likely overshadowed my pleasure in listening to it. I don’t remember whether it was Morthland who wrote the review in Creem which sparked my interest but the record certainly repaid my time and effort. I ripped my vinyl copy recently – was it ever released on CD? – and it has held up pretty well. I never knew they released another album.

  2. I bought the first, last & only copy of “Spoiled Rotten” I ever saw (have seen “Keep on Truckin'” only twice). Neither ever came out on CD. Westbound went beyond the rabbit hole and only P-Funk has made it back out far as I know.

    I vaguely remember thinking the later line-up of the band made the slightly more consistent LP, but they are both somewhere in the three crates in the basement that hold Records Too Rare To Warehouse (if the nuclear reactor next door had blown up with those records in storage, I woulda had to hang myself). And the albums are both a bit out of order and not very accessible, so I will have to wait for further Spring cleaning to re-listen to Frut.

    But I bet I won’t forget to do it.

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