Twitter Justifies Itself: Beauty Pill and Metal Phil

Today led to not one but two worthy articles I’m sure I would have missed or gotten too way after the fact.

The first is Chad Clark [Beauty Pill] essay on P J Harvey’s “Community of Hope.” So wide-ranging and well done you don’t need to have heard the song get a feast of thought-food. Plus, though I started playing it only this morning, the Beauty Pill album Describes Things As They Are is one of the most intriguing releases of the year so far and a very encouraging advertisement for the modern, sampler-driven mode of composition. The 2004 Beauty Pill (only other full-length) The Unsustainable Lifestyle is also unassailable interesting, if a bit more muffled and fuzzy.

Second, an old internet-interactive rock-crit  cohort, Phil Freeman, ranked all of Iggy Pop’s albums from worst to best, and I must note that one reason I pay attention to his metal recommendations is that we are close to the same page on the value of the Ig. Just in this list, I cheer the high ranking of Blah-Blah-Blah and New Values (my first review as an East Coast pro) and am finally pushed into checking out Ready To Die which I refused to listen to precisely because I was so nauseated by The Weirdness (bottom of the list). [Here it is a Stooges reunion, and Iggy had messed his pants before because lazy, stoned-out, bean-spill disregard, or routine-type misfire — but never had he made a record where I heard cynical fan exploitation in his dead-eyed contributions — and this was to benefit guys he always claimed heartfelt buds from day one who never got their due. A low below even the too-literary bean farts.] Biggest disagreement is that Phil can listen to Préliminaires again, because I ain’t agonna.


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