All I Will Say About “Supe vs. Batbat”

Will not watch if only because it was directed by Zack Snyder, who screwed up one of my all-time favorite comics, Watchmen, so bad I could not finish looking at it. More evidence for my theory that nowadays comic-book based movies intend to pound every last shred of simple pleasure out of the source materials and splatter shit all over any distant memory you have of enjoying them.

2 thoughts on “All I Will Say About “Supe vs. Batbat”

  1. Could not agree more about ‘The Watchmen’. I came in through the backdoor, having seen the movie first, then thinking there must be more to this…ordered the graphic novel, and wondered all the ways they butchered that movie. But Milo, this director must be successful for the studios, or they would not keep rewarding him with projects. Sad indeed.

  2. “Watchmen” is sometimes attacked as a pioneer of the “dark superheroes” movement. But I think it’s clear Moore meant it to be the end of the genre. The straight treatment was exhausted and this hellacious farrago was what we would have if it was rendered more realistically. But instead of ending, the profit-is-all system decided to grind, grind, grind away at the dark stuff. Now a lot of comics promote fear and paranoia rather than the simple thrills mixed with confidence and optimism that I enjoyed. Here’s a good commentary from last year:

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