Expert Witness Comment for the Week

Laila Ali ·

hey could you review joanna newsom’s latest record? thanks!
Well, you seem like a very nice student who digs “Courage the Cowardly Dog” so I will put this rebuke in soft terms.
As a student, you don’t have a career yet. And “requests” like this (which are really demands if you think of them in professional terms) have been a pervasive plague for decades.
It means you don’t think of reviewing something as work.You do a good job of it, it’s plenty work. Whatever you decide to do professionally, remember this request and imagine if someone casually asked you to do a patch of your work for nothing. Not good.
Finally, you didn’t do proper research as a reader. Xgau has already blown off Joanna Newsom as a contender performer in several reviews. You have an obligation to read those before you make your request.

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