Hack Stereo-Fan Note

I’ve assembled more than a few stereo systems in my time. But I’m a small enough player I could walk in under the door. Today, however, x-years late, I got one up and running in the basement. The tricky part was all I bought was speaker cable (way fancier than the old days but still cheap). So there’s vintage components at work here. The Crankiest being a nearly 40-year-old Kenwood amplifier that, yes, I am reassured by those who should know, comes closer than many to duplicating tube-amp coziness. Hey, I’ve had it for ages. But the oddest thing about these old components is that they indeed do take a while to “burn-in” warm-up or whatever you want to call it. When new, and when they’ve been sitting around unused for 15 years or so. Fussy, fussy, fussy when you’re setting them up. Let things play for five hours … not solid enough to let you shake them around, but plugged-in and accommodating to a much more normal degree. Personality machines.

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