Albums You May Be Surprised I Like a Lot

I recognize the threads leading toward international stylings nowadays, but I just knew how meditative I found all these works back in the day.

Paul Winter Consort, Icarus (1972)

(Nothing much else by Winter, who put out a tonne of poopus — and I always skip “Silence of a Candle” on this LP.)

Oregon, Music of Another Present Era (1972)

Distant Hills (1973)

Winter Light (1974)

(Nothing later, though Out of the Woods more than tolerable. Not that much more, though.)

Codona, Codona (1979)

Codona 2 (1981)

Codona 3 (1983)

(Revisiting the last three because trying to work up something to say about Nana Vasconcelos. All three releases are brainier and livelier than I remembered. Forgot about the lovely Ornette covers. And the debut is not way ahead of the others as the standard narrative has it.)

2 thoughts on “Albums You May Be Surprised I Like a Lot

  1. I’ve been curious about the Codona because of the Nana connection, but have never gotten around. Been mourning to Africadeus some myself. Probably should listen to that album he put out with Joyce, too. Sucky year for music deaths.

  2. Listening yesterday, I was reminded of Collin Walcott’s tragic end back in 1984 (car wreck in East Germany while on tour with Oregon). The Codona trio certainly contained a forever-lost trove of music.

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