A Sniper in the Tower, Part Three

Unexpected, though maybe should not have been, hard-hitting profile of one of Whitman’s most poignant victims. Two things leap out at me and pertain to earlier posts I made about this evil landmark. First is why it was roaring in the headlines at one point and then vanished — the determination not to talk about awful stuff from war to cancer is hard for kidz these days to understand, but it was a potent social force at one point. A twisted sort of shame has a corrosive downside. The guns-on-campus outrage makes it particularly relevant. And I agree that a memorial with the names is badly needed.The second is that Mr. Faux American killed Claire Wilson that day — killed who she was going to become. Outstanding job of dramatizing exactly how she was one person before that day and another person afterward.

[My own reflection is on the several times I easily could have been killed in car wrecks during my heedless youth. I wasn’t grateful enough at the times that it did not happen. No, I was not always behind the wheel.]

One thought on “A Sniper in the Tower, Part Three

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