The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #14

Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Press Color (Light in the Attic reissue of Ze recordings, 2015)

This is precisely the sort of album you would expect to age badly — ever more arty and arid, the performer revealed as a lesser and lesser poseur.  That’s certainly the general impression floating around about the late Descloux, dismissed by no less than Richard Hell as somebody who dabbled in music.

Yet this is one of my Reissues of 2015. Especially with the added tracks (the playful-sisters “Morning High” with Patti Smith is an especial treat) and clarified sound (Ze was spotty sonics incarnate), it makes a case for Descloux as a artist with her fangs buried in the mutant hearts of her 1979 times and then some. Sounds warmer, wittier, more searching, more danceable than it did back in the day. More connected to the irreverent eccentrics of rock and roll, too. Ahead of its time? No — makes its own moment. Now her pretty face can tell them to go to hell. (Not Hell.)

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