Frinal Grouchy Old Grampus Note on the 2016 Marathon

Enjoyed the street vibe — barbecues always a welcome sight, thought the pair of beautiful talking drums made for a wonderful way to salute the runners as they went by– but since the race was Terrorized, the later-day aftermath has gotten to be a serious strain. Living in Cambridge, it was possible to all but ignore the Marathon. You had to hike to check it out (the Charles Regatta was another matter). But the Marathon is a presence in Brookline. It took me just over two freaking hours to drive downtown last evening, and I started 15 minutes after the announced 6PM opening time for Beacon Street.

Years ago, the aftermath was so casual you were expected to avoid the occasional late-late finisher runners as you drove down Beacon. Things were wide open by 4PM. Now, obviously everybody has to be off the track, there’s a very elaborate fence dismantling that goes block-by-block and the city in general feels as gummed-up as it did during the Winter From Hell. Process has to get more streamlined or Marathon Day will become an occasion for 24-hour drop-out.

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