Prohibiton — The Most Muted Moment in History Class

Even as a young teen I knew this was a deliberate fog job. “It came out of nowhere, was a big mistake that went away, and has no relevance for today whatsoever.” When one, uh, intemperate soul dared to suggest it seemed like the situation with “illegal drugs” in our time, we actually got the line “No, no, no — Prohibition was a about good old beer like your Mom and Dad drink. Drruuuugggsss are used only by degenerates and troublemakers.” Now there’s what looks like an excellent new history that underscores the huge beefing-up of police power Prohibition entailed. There’s one lapse in the review, however — the whole “drugs never had the legacy and presence in everyday society that booze does.” In some legacies and some societies, that is not the case. And in no time, reefers will be as socially integrated as glasses of wine.

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