R.I.P.: Other Music

I loved when it was right next to Tower Records. A perfect echo of Newbury Comics/Tower Records in Boston. Other Music also opened a branch in Harvard Square. I will forever consider the period when Other Music and Twisted Village were thriving within a couple blocks of each other as the peak of record stores in the Square (the Harvard Coop years comes second).

I wouldn’t go so far as to say smug, but there was this sense of too-easy optimism about music retail back then. Smaller stores were intense and specialized in ways I only dreamed about and the big outlets had more stuff than even a crazy me could look at in a single visit. Can’t tell me it’s a happier music world now.

PS: Completely forgot to add that the single most eerie foreshadowing of the collapse of retail record stores happened when — Wham — over the course of a single weekend the Harvard Square branch of Other Music closed and moved out entirely. Freaky.

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