4 thoughts on “Hunting Humans

  1. At a local Outdoor Show last March there was a table set up to sell raffle tickets right where people had to funnel in. I was approached by a man, in his 60’s, to buy a ticket for Veterans. The “prize” was a new assault rifle. I hunt with a rifle, sometimes a bolt action for distance and accuracy, sometimes with a lever action, Savage 99, for close shots and the ability to get off more than one shot—fast, mainly for tracking elk in the timber. Semi-automatic weapons are known to freeze up and jam in cold weather. So I asked the man how this assault rifle would operate at twenty below. He boasted that he would not be out when it was that cold, which got a cackle of laughter from the three apparent vets seated behind the table. I told them that if I bought a ticket and won that I would sell the rifle right away. A pre’64 Winchester Model 70 bolt action with a hand checkered stock I consider a work of art. This assault rifle on display as a prize, a weapon made to kill people, was an assault on my old fashioned idealism, I guess. But that’s where a load of folks hang their hat these days.

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