The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #16

Amazed I haven’t mentioned this before (summer-morning perfection), but

Frederico Mompou Plays Frederico Mompou

My favorite little-known classical pianist/composer. Music is very hard to describe (may contribute to obscurity). The works contain enormous sadness, bits of regret, bright flicks of joy and jokes and above all oceans of contemplation in action. Peace-granting, meditative music of the highest order. (I love Brian Eno with all my heart, but Mompou goes with me if the house catches fire.) ((I will play him as I replace my Eno collection.))

Also, this is one of those cases where the composer does hear deeper into his works than others. Mompou both articulates more clearly and digs into unexpected layers of his compositions beyond any interpreter I have heard. And, if I remember correctly, he was 81 when he made these recordings.

There are supremely worthy interpretations. But start here.

PS: A friend has pointed out this is more evidence that I have a weakness for Spanish performers with strong French influences. Guess it must.


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