Fragrant Pears — Try Them!

Have not been around that long and are easy to overlook because they are small and not particularly shapely. (And are usually wrapped in that odd tissue-and-foam business where you can’t see anything about them — see photo in article. Be sure to discard so you don’t pay for the wrap.)

Anyway, there is more flavor and flat-out zing than in any other pear I know. Just one of the little guys completely satisfies (and they have large cores). My favorite fruit after the Pixie tangerines are gone (and the doughnut peaches are getting harder to find). A bonus: they give off a delightful perfume as they ripen — cheery and sweet as any apple.

If you can’t find them anywhere, they can be ordered. And yes, far superior to other pears in a salad — no dressing (other than maybe lemon) needed.

Boston folks: best ones I know of hereabouts can be found at Russo’s.

More info.

Yet still more scoop (mostly for photos).


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