One thought on “Goes To Show You Never Can Tell

  1. I have to do mixed-bag listening regularly or lots of stuff never has a chance. Enjoying today’s for example (not yet uploaded), but who could have ever thunk it?
    MIXTAPE #685:
    Takka Takka The Takers 2:53 Daytrotter Studio 12/3/2008 2008
    Andrés Landero Cumbia India 2:51 Cumbia Cumbia 1 & 2 Country & Folk 1972 Andrés Landero
    Bo Diddley Pretty Thing 2:52 Maximum R’N’B Blues 1955
    Mötley Crüe Too Fast For Love 3:23 The Greatest Hits Rock
    Broken Social Scene Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl 4:36 You Forgot It In People Indie Rock 2002 Broken Social Scene
    Arturo Toscanini, NBC Symphony Orchestra (1941) Verdi / 歌劇 “La Traviata” Preludio Atto 3 3:45 A. Toscanini : The Complete RCA Collection 84CD-51 Overtures : Mozart Donizetti Rossini Catalani Puccini Verdi Classical 1941 Mozart, Donizetti, Rossini, Catalani, Puccini, Verdi
    Sand Reckoner Too Many Voices 3:58 Boston Marathon Relief Mixtape 2013
    Helmuth Rilling: Stuttgart Bach Collegium, Gächinger Kantorei Haydn: Missa In Tempore Belli, H 22/9, “Paukenmesse” – Credo: Et Vitam Venturi 2:30 Joseph Haydn: Missa in Tompore Belli Classical 1992
    Emmet Davis How About It Baby 2:03 Wild & Frantic Rock & Roll [Disc 07] Rock
    The Buzzcocks I Don’t Mind 2:19 Singles Going Steady Punk 1979 Peter Shelley
    T. Bone Walker Mean Old World 2:54 Really The Blues?: Disc 19 Blues 1941
    The Who Go To The Mirror Boy! 3:50 Tommy Rock 1969 Pete Townshend
    Scissor Sisters Laura 3:36 Scissor Sisters Pop 2004 Jason Sellards/Scott Hoffman
    Deerhoof Whither The Invisible Birds? 2:11 Friend Opportunity Rock 2009
    Moritz Von Oswald Trio Sounding Line 8 5:52 Sounding Lines Electronica 2015
    Luciano Pavarotti Amelia A D’Ess’Ancor (Luisa Miller) 3:31 75th Birthday Limited Edition – Luciano Pavarotti Classical 2010
    Arkady Sevidov Chanson Italienne. Moderato assai 0:52 Tchaikovsky: The Seasons/Children’s Album Classical 1996
    Camper Van Beethoven I Love Her All The Time 2:21 II & III Indie Rock 1986 Camper Van Beethoven
    Gay Potatoes gay potatoes – cry one tear 3:14

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